Erectile dysfunction

Over the years, the development of fibrosis in the corpora cavernosa produces a tissue stiffness condition that prevents adequate venous dilation, true responsible for penile tumescence.
In Shockwave Argentina, Dr. César Eisner performs a new treatment not invasive and without adverse effects using focused low shock waves intensity, with which it manages to reduce tissue stiffness in only 6 sessions, achieve firmer erection. The reduction of tissue stiffness of the corpora cavernosa is monitored and qualitatively assessed objectively by means of SWESSI 2D Elastographs. The use of angio-plus color echodoppler together with 2D SWE Elastography have the capability to show not only the vascular limitations present in ED, but also interstitial fibrosis in a qualitative-quantitative way, either in a color scale or in kilopascals, being able to demonstrate the therapeutic response to treatment with low intensity shock waves.


Using a Storz Medical Duolith SD1 low intensity shock wave equipment, the application of 6 sessions of 3000 focal waves each (1 to 2 per week), with a frequency of between 3 and 4 Hertz and with a power of up to 0 , 35 mj / mm2, has allowed in recent years to solve most cases of erectile dysfunction.
Low intensity shock waves, through the mechanism of mechano transduction, contribute to cell release of growth factors, among which are the VEFG, vasculogenic action, TGFß1, which promotes the transdifferentiation of rigid fibroblasts (by presence in its vimentin cytoplasm) in flexible myofibroblasts (due to the presence in its cytoplasm of alpha SMA-smooth muscle actin), giving greater elasticity to the treated tissues, the eNOS (precursor of the ON) and the ON, of potent action vasodilator, among others.

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